Bob Harris, FMB Master Builder of the Year 2005


What is the Earthdome Project?

Put simply, the Earthdome is a study of traditional building techniques using modern materials and systems that, when combined help to resist the effects of global warming, resulting in a living environment that is both environmentally friendly and is healthy for its occupants.

Why hasn't this been done before?

Actually, everything used in the Earthdome has been used successfully before, but to the best of my knowledge this is the first time that the components have been combined in this way.

Very little here is experimental or non-standard, although you may not be familiar with some of the techniques and systems we have used, either because they are considered too old-fashioned or ultra-modern to have a common place in contemporary building methods.

You see, most building projects are based on tried and tested techniques that are known to be reliable and cost-effective. Often, these projects are based purely on economical factors, which usually means that thinking "outside of the box" is discouraged. Unfortunately, this way of thinking has consequences both for the environment and, ironically, for the people occupying the spaces created.

The Earthdome project was created to demonstrate that it can be both practical and cost-effective to construct living environments that have minimal environmental impact, yet still provide a modern and fashionable lifestyle experience.

Which systems have been used?

When I refer to systems, these include everything from the rendering process to the ground source and air source heat pumps, the under floor heating, exterior cladding, insulation, floor boarding, and so on. These will all be discussed in due course once we have been given permission from the relevant manufacturers. So keep a look out for links embedded within the text.